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Ultrasound, vaccines, and wormer! Oh My!

Today was a great day. I had an extra few minutes with my morning equine meditation, my schedule starts early and is usually pretty packed so I’m grateful for a few extra unexpected minutes with the ponies. Zorra is our resident barn manager, she overseas and samples all meals, makes sure that I’m filling water troughs adequately and that everyone has their breakfast delivered in the “right” spots.

She then walks me to the paddock gate to make certain I’ve opened it wide enough for her to leave for her morning run. She’s in the stinky, bossy toddler stage. She hates it when anyone(2 or 4 legged) tells her what to do, and worse when someone stops her from doing something she wants to do. She wants all of the attention and will use any means necessary to get it, when you put down whatever is in your arms and focus on her completely, she loses interest and walks away. She’s packed to the brim with personality and usually either her mom or myself are fussing at or over her.

Our farm vet, Dr. Adams, stopped over to do some prenatal care for the mommas and check out the oldest herd member. We were able to get a 7 week ultrasound on Allie and everything is looking great!

This baby is going to be amazing and I’m trying my hardest to be patient. 11 months is such a long time...

I haven’t had Allie color tested yet but I have a feeling we’re going to have a grey Colt!

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