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2022 Warlander Foals For Sale

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Our 2021 foaling season is complete and we are confirming the 2022 foal crop! Our matches and confirmed pregnancies and their availability will be updated as we go.

2022 Foal Now Under Contract

Consentida will be our first to foal in 2022! She is due in February and we're so anxious for this little one. The vet did a 60 day ultrasound and predicted a colt! Consentida is bred to Ster Stallion Douwe fan Oostenburg. This foal will have the size and moves we want to see from our 50/50 Warlander crosses.

You can find more info on our website under our sales page here!

Our stunning 16.3 hand sorrel Inscribed PRE mare Illusion will be next in line to foal for 2022. The sire of this foal is KFPS Approved Stallion Wolfert 467 Sport. Illusion has remarkable dressage potential and an impressive set of papers. We expect her to foal in April of 2022. This will be a 50/50 F1 Warlander foal. For more information on available in utero contracts please send us a message! In utero contract is not available for this foal but send us an email to be added to our birth announcement list!

Our beautiful buckskin Warlander is in foal to the double pearl revised PRE Stallion Apollo Del Solis! We love the outcome of crossing Amber to an Iberian Stallion. Her daughter Eva is our F2 Warlander mare with the same percentage of Iberian and Friesian blood. Amber is a heavy built mare, with tons of hair and feathers and she herself passes the Friesian "look" we want even in a lower percentage Friesian cross. This foal will be stunning and it will have the moves we're looking for to boot! Possibility of a cream/pearl foal! In utero contract is not available for this match but send us an email to be added to our birth announcement list! .

Eva was checked in foal for our 2022 Golden Boy Baby! We had two 2021 colts this year sired by him and we are so impressed with their look, moves and personalities that we decided we needed to breed back for 2022 babies. Eva is a solid 15h mare, she's built beautifully and has amazing hind end power. The Golden Boy H. is 17h and his presence is stunning. His personality is even more impressive as he is the horse that the kids in his family get out to ride. He is always a prefect gentleman.

This cross should be stunning. This is a F3 Warlander foal, a third generation Warlander! It will be 62.5% Friesian and 37.5% Iberian(Lusitano and Andalusian). In utero contract is available for this foal.

Fiona is the farm favorite and was just checked in foal! She is the easiest to get along with, the most patient mare I have ever met and she's stunning. The bone structure, movement and "look" of this foal is going to be second to none.

Augustus SF is the son of Doaitsen 420, he will be attending his first keuring in 2022 and we're excited to see the results.

This baby will be due June 2022, F1 50/50 Warlander. In utero contract is available at this time.


Alameda is now confirmed in foal to Augustus SF. Allie, 2022 in utero foal and 2022 colt are all available at this time. They can be purchased as a package now or separately at weaning. Please contact us for more information!


Our last mare Gitana JHE is confirmed in foal to KFPS Approved Friesian Stallion Sjouke 453 AAA! Odds our this baby will be a colt and he will be grey. In Utero contract is not available on this foal. Please send us an email if you'd like to be added to our waiting list on 2022 foals!

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