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The Warlander

Understanding the Breed

True Warlanders only consist of Iberian and Friesian Heritage. 

*"The Warlander is a horse of Baroque type, produced by crossing Friesian horses with horses of a purebred registered Iberian horse breed such as the AndalusianLusitano, or Menorquina.[2] The ideal Warlander combines the Iberian horse's intelligence, facility for collection, flexibility, and powerful hindquarters, with the Friesian's tractability, dramatic leg action, "bone," and strong forequarters" *wikipedia definition 


We will have first generation, second generation(f2) Warlanders and third generation (f3) Warlanders of varying percentages. The conformation of the foals varies dramatically depending on the Friesian/Iberian crossing and amount of each breed the foal has. 


Associations & Registries

Your foal will be registered at weaning.

We are members of The Warlander Studbook Society, IALHA and Friesian Heritage Horse Association and USPRE ANCCE. Our foals will be registered with one of the above associations and we are happy to help register them with all. These registries offer fantastic information on this breed and a great resource for learning more about your horses history.

Friesian Heritage Horse & Sporthorse International


International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association


Warlander Studbook Society

Warlander North America


United States PRE

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