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The Soul Wind Mares

Our broodmare herd has developed into an outstanding representation of some of the best Iberian, Friesian and Warlander mares available. The quality and variety in our mare herd creates foals that are bred and built to excel at many riding disciplines. We will have an outstanding assortment of height, movement, and color in our Warlander foals each year and best of all they will be healthy, intelligent, strong and sound minded partners. Many of our broodmares are also our personal riding horses, they are cared for in the same manner that top performance horses are. I believe that excellent prenatal care, consistent interaction, consensual horsemanship training and a natural herd environment allow the foals to become solid, social, confident and willing horses.  This breed of horse is unique and very personable. They're deep and present, they are remarkably intelligent and they learn very quickly.  They connect hard and are driven by relationship and affection. Warlanders are brave and sensitive. They are protective of their people and their herd, they are cautious of new experiences but always willing, they are typically very involved thinkers and have the ability to process and learn quickly, they are also remarkably calm and predictable.        

Fiona VII

2006 Black Revised ANCCE PRE Mare


Fiona is a wise and authoritative mare, she seeks out human interaction and loves to be loved.  She is gentle and confident, she leads her pasture herd with grace and consistency.  She is ANCCE registered and approved for breeding. Fiona came from the amazing PRE breeding program at Jackass Mountain Ranch, Crown J Horses. She has produced amazing PRE horses and we look forward to her first Warlander foal. Fiona's ANCCE pedigree

Adelheidis HPH

2012 Dual Registered Smokey Black F1 Warlander



Adelheidis (barn name Mya) is a stunning smoky black F1 Lusitano/Friesian Warlander mare.  Her Friesian dam Cameo S was sired by Approved Friesian Stallion Mintse 384 Sport and her sire is the beautiful perlino Lusitano Stallion Xadrez Do Pentagono, son of APSL Stallion Quimono. Mya is calm, confident, extremely loving and seeks interaction and affection over pretty much everything else. Mya is tested and negative for both hydrocephalus and dwarfism. We are honored to have her in our program and look forward to seeing her as a riding horse as well. Find Mya's pedigree here.

Eternal Autumn SW
2007 Triple Registered F1 Buckskin Warlander
Amber as we call her, is an amazing Buckskin Warlander mare with a heavier Friesian build and lots of hair and feathers. Amber is clear of hydrocephalus and dwarfism. She is registered with Warlander Studbook Society, Friesian Heritage Horse and IALHA. Amber comes from the hard-to-find Tsjalling line on her Friesian dam side and her sire is the beautiful Lusitano Stallion Saphiro. Find Amber's pedigree here.


2011 Cremello F2 75% Lusitano 25% Friesian Warlander Mare

15.1 H


Azura is a stunning mare who had a wonderful upbringing and riding career with her Breeder JMac Sportponies. She is a lovely mare to have in the herd and we are thrilled to add her to our program. Azura is sired by Saphiro, which is also Amber's sire. Azura is tested and clear of Hydrocephalus/Dwarfism/Distichiasis

*Photo provided by JMac Sportponies

Campesina JAM
2015 Smokey Grulla Revised PRE Andalusian Mare

We welcomed Campesina and her 2022 Grulla Pearl colt to our herd. She is a gorgeous mare with very correct Spanish morphology and beautiful movement. Cami's conformation, health, personality and capabilities are all in line and correct for her strict breed standards, her true dun coat is just a bonus!

Candelaria Marquez "Ari"
2019 Smokey Grulla Revised PRE Andalusian Mare

Ari joined our herd from a fantastic breeder in California, Gold Coast Andalusians. She is an outstanding representation of her breed and we are thrilled to watch her grow and develop. Ari has proven to be an amazing mother, we are proud to have these phenomenal Guardiola lines in our program. This mare carries the true dun color modifying gene and we look forward to the possibility of adding more of these rare dun andalusian horses with the quality, conformation and temperament we're so proud to be breeding. Find her breeding and ANCCE pedigree here.


Hada JAM

2020 Bay Dun ANCCE PRE Mare



Hada has matured into a beautiful Spanish mare, and we thrilled to see what she will produce.

Inquiries Invited from the perfect home.

Illusion GR "Red"

2017 Sorrel Registered ANCCE PRE Mare



Illusion is one of the most breathtaking mares I have ever seen.  She stands an impressive 16.2 and her presence is captivating. She is an outstanding mother and passes her quiet disposition onto her foals.  We're excited to see what her first Warlander foal will grow up to be!

ANCCE Pedigree


2014 Palamino Imported Revised PRE Andalusian Mare

16 H


Barn name "Allie"

This golden beauty has stolen our hearts. She joined us from the phenomenal PRE program Jackass Mountain Ranch. Allie has produced some fantastic offspring, and we can't wait to see her foals start hitting the ground. 


2011 Dual Registered Friesian Mare

15.3 H

Barn name "Julianna"

An own daughter of Sipke 450 out of an imported Wander 352 mare. Julianna is beautiful baroque type mare with hair and feathers for days.  She stands 15 hands and has very proud and expressive movement. Julianna is tested and clear of hydrocephalus and dwarfism. She's a love, the true "Labrador" Friesian type and comes from a wonderful breeder in Washington. Julianna is an experienced and excellent mother and we're excited to see her Warlander foals. 

* Some Photo's from Badger Canyon Friesians

Hilaria KD

2012 Sooty Buckskin IALHA/APSL Approved Lusitano

15.1 H


Barn name Hilaria

Stunning, strong and sweet! This lovely mare comes from some of the best Lusitano lines. We are so excited to have her in our program and can't wait to see what her offspring will look like. Her 2020 Cremello Lusitano Stallion Son is now standing at WoW Lusitanos. We have retained her 2023 Dunalino Lusitano Filly Tzipora SW and we're happy to have these Portuguese Beauties in our program.

Elegancia SW

2017 Dual Registered 75% PRE 25% Friesian Second Generation F2 Bay Dun Warlander Mare



Barn name Cia

This mare is a unique and exemplary example of a second generation, high Iberian percentage cross. A true bay dun Warlander. We are thrilled to have her here and she has proven to be a phenomenal producer.

Future Soul Wind Mares

Tzipora SW

2023 Dunalino APSL Eligible Lusitano


Barn name Ora

Ora's sire is I-Don Malagueno, the APSL Approved Smokey Grulla Lusitano who is now known worldwide. We feel very fortunate to have one of only 3, 2023 offspring from him here in the US. From birth on, Ora has been an impressive strong filly. She has just the right amount of fire. The type that makes for the horses that really will do everything for you. 

Our intention from conception forward has been to retain Ora, if an approved program expressed interest, we would consider a more active competition/breeding program for her.

Dona Maitea SW

2023 F1 Smokey Grulla 50% APSL Lusitano 50% Friesian Warlander Filly


Barn name Tia

She is the first of her kind by the phenomenal Lusitano Stallion I-Don Malagueno. This little one couldn't have come out any better, in my opinion. Tia's full Friesian dam is the daughter of recently imported stallion Sipke 450 Sport, Tia received the best qualities from both parents, and we can't wait to see what she grows into.

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