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Soul Wind Stallions

Our Stallions

Buckskin, Dunskin and Grulla
Pura Raza Espanola Andalusian Stallions

Fachoso de Ramos

Approved Buckskin PRE Andalusian Stallion

2018 17.2 H Revised PRE Buckskin Stallion


Fachoso is an impressive young stallion with striking looks and movement. We are fortunate to have been given the opportunity to add him to our herd. This is his first year standing and we can't wait to see what he will produce. "Oso" will be standing to limited outside mares for the 2024 breeding season, he is being offered AI only at this time. 

Vasallo De Marquez

Vasallo de Marquez

2016 15.1 H Revised PRE Dunskin Andalusian Stallion


Vasallo came to us from our wonderful friends at Gold Coast Andalusian.  He is revised and approved with ANCCE and his pedigree can be found here.  He is UC Davis color tested true dun, his offspring have the possibilities of both grulla and dunskin depending on your mares' color genetics.  Vasallo is now standing with our partners at Brookside Stallion Station.  Vasallo is open to all breeds for the 2024 breeding season, via AI. Please contact the team at Brookside to inquire about his breeding contract and availability.

Acero SW

Acero SW, Grulla PRE Andalusian Stallion

2022  Grulla + Pearl PRE Andalusian Stallion


Acero is a young herd stallion prospect, and we are excited to see what he grows into. 

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