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Preparing for our "Little Princess" to go home.

It's been a remarkably mild winter here so far. I realize we need the snow in the mountains but I am not complaining one bit that we haven't gotten much here. I am not sure that anyone who is responsible for care and feeding of livestock would say differently.

We've been busy here lately. Baby Zorra(Kit) is now weaned and almost ready to go home.

grey andalusian filly, baby horse face
Baby Zorra aka Kit!

I can't believe how well the whole process has gone. In the past I have always had multiple foals to wean, they are weaned together and provide comfort and support during the process. Kit did have a great support team though, Crow and Isla stepped up and did an amazing job. The girls didn't leave her side for 24 hours and then took turns for the next 2 days leaving for water or a quick nap. We are at day 6 solo now and Crow and Isla are completely unneeded as she is content and happy all on her own.

herd based weaning, stress free weaning
Auntie Crow and Auntie Isla, the best support team in weaning.

Allie was also ready and very supportive through the process. I moved Allie to a pen that is in direct view of where Kit is, she can oversee and talk to her when needed. Kit stayed in their smaller pen and box stall. It is safe, familiar and comfortable to her.

Kit has been a remarkably independent little thing, seems she was born that way. She was already spending lots of her time alone, exploring, creating her own relationships with the herd and spending lots of time with me. She had a good foundation to make this transition less traumatic for her and mom. Kit is eating well, she is playing and frollicking like she always does and she hasn't had to call for her mom for days.

weaning, andalusian baby, animal element supplements
Baby Zorra and her frozen breakfast!

Her new owner has chosen to do all of her ground work, she is thinking this will be her last horse and wants to have the opportunity to introduce Kit to this life the way they will be living it together. Kit wasn't born here at our farm, it took me weeks to get introduced to her. If I had to bet, I'd say Kit didn't have much human interaction for the first month of her life. It was a solid 10 days before she allowed me to touch her. I've used a no aide, consent based training method to handle her. We are just now reintroducing the halter and I'm having to do a little "retraining" as she had been introduced in a not so positive way when she was put on the trailer to get her to us. This type of work is always slow and it seems the majority of the progress is achieved when you walk away and leave the pen. I love these new ways of interacting with them, it has been the first steps I've used on all the horses here and the bond built is amazing.

Halter Training

I have built a great relationship with her new owner and we are already setting up future plans to get together. Kit is staying in the state of Oregon and is just a few hours away. I know I will have lots of pictures and updates to share as she grows. I will miss our "Little Princess".

No Stress Halter Introduction


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