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Crow is what started the breeding program that was born earlier this year. I remember the uncontrollable shake and intense panic I was feeling when I hit the “bid now” button from the comfort of my living room. I had never bought a horse from an auction across the US, sight unseen, no information on her training, handling or her health. COVID prevented me from being there in person, but the easy online bidding application was not going to stop me from getting that horse. I had her picked out months in advance. The auction listings weren’t going in any understandable order and I was just about to give up. She was the last horse of a two day auction and when I heard the auctioneer call her in, I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to get her. I‘ve had horses all of my life, some breaks here and there for school and kiddos. I’ve always gone back to them though, especially in times that were hard or overwhelming. I believe that they may actually have become a part of me, infused their dna with mine somehow. It’s a connection I can’t explain and being with them provides a space for me to work on being the me I want to be. Back to Crow.

She was mine, I bought her. She was also 1500 or more miles away. This 3 year old, Amish owned, Friesian x Percheron mare was now alone and inside a small stall with my name attached to her auction number. I was so excited and in absolute shock. Then I realized I had to figure out how to get her home. It was a process but eventually I found the most amazing transporter. Lots of emails, phone calls and text messages later, a few weeks and an extremely long sleepless night and she was here. I’ve been in love with this mare since she stepped off the trailer.

I did a lot of thinking, a lot of research, and then I dove head first into a dream I’ve had since I was probably 5. I saw my first Black Friesian stallion in a horse book I read before bedtime with my dad. The Friesian breed is overwhelminly beautiful, their presence is strong and they seem to want connection as much as the 5 year old girl inside of me wants to give it. It’s not a secret that they also are extremely susceptible to a whole list of health problems. They’re also bred to be pulling horses and can be rather hard to fit a saddle to and quite rough to sit. This is where Warlanders entered my awareness. Crossing Iberian horses with the Friesian brings forward the best parts of each breed, it creates a very capable riding partner with an ability to learn and connect like nothing I’ve experienced with any breed. They are also absolutely stunning!

SW Eva Estrella

I started looking for Warlanders, searching them out. I noticed quickly that there just aren’t many and most all have very loving forever homes with humans who would never part with them... Welcome to Soulwind Warlanders LLC! Join me on this journey and Ill do my best to share all the aspects along the way.

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