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Alameda is a 2016 Grey Spanish Andalusian, she is registered with IALHA and she stands about 14.3 hands. Allie as we lovingly call her is a mare with a huge personality and lots of funny quirks.

She arrived late this summer with her darling and extremely demanding foal. The transition for Allie was pretty quick, she absolutely loved the private “mare and foal suite” I put her in, the abundant hay and grain and all of the fussing I did from the minute she got here.

Our mares are not just broodmares, they are part of our family and cared for the same way top performance horses are. Allie loves being brushed, she loves her tail scratched, she rubs her neck on each and every solid surface I have, eats my fence when I don’t spend adequate time with her and she loves to be fly sprayed. She will nip me, like she does her baby if I don’t get grain in the bucket fast enough and she does not love having her feet trimmed. Alameda was my grandmother’s middle name. When I found Allie, I knew she was meant to be.

I didn’t have much information on her history, I have really no knowledge of Andalusian breeding or parentage and I committed to her and her foal sight unseen. It was a potential for a disaster, it hasn’t been though. It’s been beautiful and safe, healing and healthy for her and her baby.

Allie was exposed to a 17h Friesian Stallion for what we hope to be a 2021 foal. Our vet will confirm tomorrow! This will be our first warlander foal and most likely we will get a grey!

Golden Boy

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