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Mike Fetter

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Routine farrier care is crucial during pregnancy and our mares get extra supplements and feed that promote quick healthy hoof growth. Mike takes care of all the needs of horses when it comes to hoof care.

He also is the first farrier to interact with the foals and many times he is called out for special training sessions. He specializes in introducing routine foot handling in a way that prevents any future problems for their entire life. Mike is also part of the groundwork and training. From socialization, haltering and first walks, it’s very important for each foal to become accustomed to working with more than one person. This builds confidence and trust in more than one relationship for them.

Soulwind Warlanders is grateful to have all of Mike’s support and extensive knowledge when it comes to the care and training of the horses.

Mike Fetter

Fetter Horsemanship & Farrier Service


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