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Foaling Supply Checklist

It's a great time to do your foaling bag inventories and check your medication expiration dates!

I also change the batteries in my foaling camera and clean out the breeding lab this time of year.

Here's our foaling bag inventory

Dont forget sterile needles and syringes incase you need to administer Banamine or oxytocin.

Typically half way through my foaling season I bring out the hammock or reclining lawn chair.

I have a hard time falling back to sleep once my body is up, so I get a lot more sleep if I just camp out next to them. I'm fortunate that I foal in spring and early summer and our nights are usually beautiful. Our January 2021 Colt was a tough one and I wouldn't want to do that again!

Happy foaling and if there is something you add or you find helpful and makes life easier please share!

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