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2023 Foal Crop

We have a phenomenal Warlander, Lusitano and PRE foal crop this year and we're still waiting on more!

Let us introduce the current foals of the 2023 season. Check back often for updates and new Warlander foal information!

Second Generation Bay Dun Warlander Mare
Elegancia SW
Third Generation Bay Warlander Filly
Mirra SW

Mirra SW

DOB 3/23/23

This stunning 62.5% Friesian 37.5% PRE Andalusian was our first born for the 2023 foaling season. Mirra is a phenomenal example of a Warlander and she has the most amazing temperament. Her conformation and movement is breathtaking, she gets prettier each day. Elegancia is a first time mom and we could not be any prouder of the job she is doing raising Mirra and coparenting the other foals this year. Mirra is available, please reach out if you'd like more information on this beauty.

Watch Mirra's birth video here

For more information and pictures please visit our sales page.

Grey Revised PRE Andalusian Mare
Habanera CCLXIX
Grey F1 Warlander Colt
Hugo SW

Hugo SW

DOB 4/8/23

Hugo is the son of Approved Friesian Stallion Wolfert 467 Sport. He has been impressive from the minute he got here. Hugo is huge...he is correct, he is a powerful mover and he's an absolute character.

This gorgeous colt is full of potential and still looking for his future partner.

Watch Hugo's birth video here

For more information and pictures please visit our sales page.

Smokey Grulla Dun Revised PRE Mare
Candelaria Marquez
Smokey Black PRE Andalusian Colt
Cruz SW

Cruz SW

DOB 4/9/23

Our Easter Baby! Cruz is an elegant and correct Andalusian colt sired by Feliz du Carel of Nowhere Else Ranch. Ari is a phenomenal mother, especially for this being her first baby. Baby Cruz has places to go and people to see and he's going to do it with enthusiasm! Cruz is our only full PRE Andalusian this year and he will be available after weaning.

Watch Cruz's birth video here

For more information and pictures please visit our sales page.

SA Consentida
Grey Revised PRE Mare
SA Consentida
F1 Grey Warlander Filly
Belle Flur de Soliel SW

Belle SW

DOB 5/8/23

The much anticipated second Wolfert 467 Sport Warlander filly arrived just as the sun was setting. This filly is breathtaking and we're glad she had the most perfect home before she was born or she would be staying in the program!

Watch Belle's birth video here


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