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 Warlander Horses, Foals and In Utero Foals
For Sale

Our program offers varying percentages of each breed in our foals. First generation Warlanders are referred to as F1 and they are a 50/50 cross of Friesian and Iberian.  The second generation Warlanders are called F2, and then F3 and so on. These foals are the offspring of a Warlander parent crossed with a pure bred or another Warlander. More information on the Warlander breeding and percentages allowed can be found on Warlander Studbook Society's webpage.  

Warlander Sale Information Page
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In Utero & Foal Purchase Information

  • We offer a select and limited amount of foals in utero each season. If you don't have a gender or color preference this a great opportunity to get a discounted price on one of our foals and an extended amount of time to purchase them. You will have the option to receive updates through the remaining gestation and birth and name your foal!

  • If you have a specific Sire and Dam match that you would like to reserve or you need more time to prepare or pay for your foal, we can discuss setting up an in utero contract for the following foaling season.  Not all of our mares will be available for this option.

  • We provide all mare care and pre and *typical postnatal care for the mare and the foal. There is no charge for board from birth to weaning.  The foals registration with WSS and FHH are included in the purchase.  We cover basic farrier care, de worming and foal supplements from birth to weaning as well. 

  • Payment options are flexible with terms that fit the buyer.

No Gender Preference In Utero Contracts 

2023 In Utero Options Available

We have limited  in utero contracts available for upcoming foals, the in utero contracts are available at a discounted price and a great option if you don't have a preference on gender or the color of your foal. We have easy in utero payment options available and board is included until full weaning.  An example In Utero Purchase Contract is located at the bottom of this page. If you know you want a Warlander from us but your time frame is farther out, message us about the option to reserve a following year foal. If you would like to be added to the 2023 Foal Crop Birth Announcement/Waitlist please sign up here

2023 Gender Specific Contracts Available

We have gender specific contracts available on limited expected 2023 Foals. Reserve the option to purchase a colt or a filly from a mare in our program with an easy refundable payment. 

Purchase Contract Example Forms

Financing Options Now Available! 

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