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2022 Foal Crop Sire Reference

This is the Sire information page for the 2022 Warlander Foal Crop. You will find more detailed information, pictures of stallion and stallion owner contact information for each individual Stallion. 

Douwe fan Oostenburg

KFPS Ster Friesian Stallion

16.1 Hand Imported Friesian Stallion

Douwe now resides at Once Upon a Time Friesians in Utah, prior to that he was a performance stallion at Young Living Friesians.

The Golden Boy  H

KFPS B-Book II Friesian Stallion

17 Hands

Big Baroque Stallion known for his trainability and personality. Golden Boy is the son of "Bandito" Young Living Friesians main PRCA performance stallion. 

Apollo Del Solis
Double Pearl ANCCE Revised PRE Stallion
"Carrying on the traditions of his legendary Great Grandsire, Bravio XVI, Apollo is proving that he can be just as beautiful, just as smart and just as versatile. You can't help but to be drawn to his charming personality. And his movement will catch your eye and hold your attention. All traits he is passing on to his offspring, both with purebred Andalusian mares as well as other breeds.


His unusual metallic Golden Pearl coloring is just the icing on the cake…as he is the complete package of Conformation, Movement and Temperament!  But perhaps most important to us, Apollo is a true member of our family. He seeks out human companionship and seems to melt when he has the opportunity to interact with young people.

His movement lends itself to Dressage, but we hope to compete with Apollo in other avenues of Equine Sports, such as Working Equitation. Although quite young, Apollo has already earned a Halter Championship title at the Andalusian World Cup in Las Vegas (with Best Movement Honors) and in his first under saddle competition he won both a Dressage and Western Championship. But the true feather in his cap is that Breyer selected him to be a Limited Edition model in 2021. We can’t begin to express what an honor that is for us."
For more information on Apollo, please visit Sommer Ranch.

Augustus SF

KFPS Friesian Stallion

Augustus SF is by an own son of Approved Stallion Doaitsen 420. One of my personal favorites! Affectionately known as Auggie, this guy has the personality the Friesians are most loved for and the looks to go with it. We were honored to host Auggie here at the farm and got to see first hand what a true gentleman he is and see his easy going and very willing nature. Auggie has amazing bone and beautiful movement. He’s standing a solid 17h, still a young stallion, he has more growing and maturing to do.

Sjouke 453
KFPS Approved Friesian Stallion
Sjouke 453 AAA (Doaitsen 420 Sport x Jelte 365) is owned and loved by our wonderful friends at Brookside Friesians. "He has nice racial type and correct conformation, as well as good elasticity, powerful movements and long lines." He is known for being one of the kindest and most gentle stallions in their barn.
For more information on Sjouke, please visit Brookside Friesians

Wolfert 467
KFPS Approved Friesian Stallion
Felle 422 Sport x Jacob 302 Sport

"Wolfert's name was Yorick v.d. Giesenbos before being approved in 2011. He completed ABFP testing for his sire Felle 422 Sport with more than 90 points. He completed stallion testing with scores of 80.0 

Wolfert 467 Sport comes from a distinguished genetic heritage.  He is from the Felle 422 Sport line and is free of Tsjerk blood.  His motherline is from an older rare sport line. From Wolfert's stam line came 13 approved stallions.
Wolfert has a 17.3% kinship. He is especially valued for his racial type and rectangular frame.  He has a beautiful exterior with a long, elegant neck, and long dry legs. Wolfert has a lot of scope, suppleness and rhythm in all three paces. His walk is long and powerful.  His trot is long and carrying, showing suppleness and elasticity. With a good temperament, Wolfert passes his character and sport ability onto his foals.  Wolfert 467 Sport has earned his Sport Predicate in dressage and is working towards earning his driving predicate." 

For more information on Wolfert, please visit Brookside Friesians

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