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2023 Foal Crop Sire Reference

This is the Sire information page for the 2022 Warlander Foal Crop. You will find more detailed information, pictures of stallion and stallion owner contact information for each individual Stallion. 

Douwe fan Oostenburg

KFPS Ster Friesian Stallion

16.1 Hand Imported Friesian Stallion

Douwe now resides at Once Upon a Time Friesians in Utah, prior to that he was a performance stallion at Young Living Friesians.

The Golden Boy  H

KFPS B-Book II Friesian Stallion

17 Hands

Big Baroque Stallion known for his trainability and personality. Golden Boy is the son of "Bandito" Young Living Friesians main PRCA performance stallion. 

Apollo Del Solis
Double Pearl ANCCE Revised PRE Stallion


Augustus SF

KFPS Friesian Stallion

Sjouke 453
KFPS Approved Friesian Stallion

Wolfert 467
KFPS Approved Friesian Stallion


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